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Cath Mellor Vintage

"Love Me Tender, Love Me Do... 

Taken from Elvis Presley's "Love me Tender..."

Looking after YOUR Furniture:

Loves Labours Found!

Adapted from William Shakespeare's "Loves Labours Lost"

To clean any smudges or spills, use an unscented baby wipe.

DO NOT use commercial cleaning wipes! The chemicals will strip & marr the finish!

Allow to air dry, then buff with a soft cloth & any spray wax.

 "Bob's your Auntie..."


To maintain your furniture:

Light circular movements with a soft cloth & any spray wax.

Use another clean soft cloth afterwards, to buff up even more.

Shine on, You Crazy Diamond"

Taken from Pink Floyd's "Crazy Diamond"


Mwah! Stand back & admire...

"Sealed with a wax..."

Adapted from Brian Hyland's "I don't want to say Goodbye for the Summer"