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Cath Mellor Vintage

"There Once was a Girl in Love with All Things Vintage..."

Because There's No Place Like Home.

Taken from "The Wizard of Oz"

Cath Mellor Vintage believes that the past is very important & that vintage furniture truly just gets better with age.

The vision is the fusion of vintage style with contemporary living & that every home, be it modern or traditional in style, can be enhanced by the addition of genuine vintage pieces.

It is hard to resist the allure of the roaring '20s, the retro glamour of the '50s, the warmth of French country & the distressed charm of bucolic Scandinavian accents...

From burlesque influences & boudoir elegance to shabby chic, all inspirations are represented by a constantly evolving collection, spanning many an era long gone.

Handpainted, NOT sprayed.

Decoupaged. Appliqued. Original decals. Distressed.

Hand waxed.

All pieces have been given a bespoke treatment & as such, each is an individual "one off", never to be repeated.

So, rescue a piece of the past today & add to your own vintage furniture collection & pass on your own treasures to the next generation.

"Lest we forget..."

Cath xx